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Tailored Design

Our design services are tailored to each client's specific needs – The goal is to make design affordable to everyone, no matter how big or small the project.


The packages we offer are structured and simple. We follow a clear 15 step management plan.
Stress free, collaborative and efficient.

We bring our own experienced team of trusted reliable tradespeople to a CDP (Complete Design Plan).

We offer both collaborative and personalised priced packages. The first step to any design is the “Essential Consultation”.

First Steps

So you need some design inspiration, guidance and advice. We're here to help.


Your Essential Consultation Experience will provide you with a maximum of 2 hours.


During this time you will receive as much Design Advice and Guidance needed for your specific requirements.

This could be for the whole house or one tricky area.

The Essential Consultation gives us both the opportunity to establish if we are a good fit, should you wish to consider a Complete Design Plan & Installation in the future.

Our Shop

Revive Interiors

If you'd like to shop our style you can always visit Revive Interiors.

Our passion for quality natural materials is evident, you will find lots of unique, luxury and custom made pieces.


Our resident buyer, has over 20 years experience with both antique & custom furniture.

We would love for you to visit, but if that's not possible please take this opportunity to browse our facebook & instagram page.

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Revive Your Home

Design Advice

A single room to the whole house. Choosing the right window treatments to selecting the perfect flooring, whatever it is you need we are here to help. 

Room Styling

You may be selling your house or would just like to reconfigure your space using what you have.


The scale of work and what is required will be assessed during the consultation.

Custom Sofa

Picking a sofa is easy – Choosing the right sofa takes a little more consideration.

We design custom made, quality, bespoke sofas, to suit you and your lifestyle. 

A sofa is not just for Christmas...

Visual Design Plan

We will create a visual recipe that gives you the confidence and direction to implement your own design. 

Complete Design Plan & Installation

- Projected Costs For Products & Services.

- Realistic Timelines For Implementation.

- Comprehensive 15 Step Management Plan

This can be achieved collaboratively or you can hand it over to us, to implement a full turn key approach.

Unique Lighting

Task lighting, Low lighting, mood lighting. 

Whatever your dilemma, prevention is better than the cure.

Dedicate your Essential Consultation time to discuss all your lighting requirements. 

The Organic Approach

Mother nature is our biggest design inspiration.


Our biophilic approach to design focuses on using natural materials, incorporating colours, textures and shapes found in nature.

We are passionate about creating organic, calming  and stress free spaces that are beautiful, yet functional.

Touches of Luxury


It's integral to our design aesthetic to sprinkle elements of luxury into the space, such as elegant lighting, bespoke furniture & unique artwork.  


These things immediately elevate your space.


We will ensure your design is packed with personality, life & colour — not to mention the WOW factor.

Art & Accessories

Be the envy of your friends and family! Let us help you source the perfect unique piece for your space. Enjoyable & stress free!

Luxury faux plants to unique sculptures and wall art.

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