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Jody Said...

"This is a large space and a little bit scary because I thought it would cost a fortune. At the very least I thought I would have to replace the bathroom suite.  But I was convinced to keep it and sand back the panelling and stain it."

"I couldn't believe how different it looked. Once the accessories were added it was completely transformed. It definitely wasn't my first thought to spend money on lights in the bathroom, but it completely adds the wow factor and I'm glad I listened to Donna's advice."

Grace said...

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"Donna is an amazing design consultant and her inspiration, knowledge and support make all the difference. She is able to push you outside of your design comfort zone. Knowing that it will result in a more complete and superior, individual look."  


"...the biggest challenge to me was that the room was large and dark with no real focal point. I was doing my best to figure out what I wanted to achieve, but I didn't know how to get the end result. I didn't want just the decorated room, I wanted a designed room and I couldn't be more thrilled with the end result." 


"The room changed from the dark, stuffy room that I just didn't want to spend any time in, to one that was restorative, light, calm and beautiful."


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Dan Said...

"The biggest challenge for me was choosing the right paint colour to match the bed we had already ordered. The end result was something unique. Different from what I imagined. It was more like a luxury, boutique hotel."


"I can't recommend Donna enough! Donna is professional from start to finish. She has such an eye for detail."


"The whole collaboration process was so enjoyable and stress free."

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Nicky said...

"I had very little idea about how to begin making my bedroom truly luxury. I had already bought a new bed andI wasn't sure how it would turn out and was a little anxious, but I was blown away when it was finished."


"From how she dressed the window, to the bedroom furniture that was used with the unique lighting and wonderful artwork. I love it all."

"I feel like I'm staying in a top-quality hotel. I spend more time there now than ever before."


"Donna’s attention to detail is phenomenal. Her enthusiasm, passion and incredible professionalism. She is truly an amazing lady to work with."

Danielle said...

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"I felt very comfortable and trusted Donna’s vision. She made sure she knew what we liked -colours, patterns, style, personality."


"She really did her research and asked all the right questions to understand us and work out what we liked."


"I was so taken aback by the finished design" 


"Some of my favourite highlights -the patterned rug to brighten up the kitchen flooring, macrame plant pot holders amazing throws and rugs... the list goes on and on."


"Things I would have never bought myself but Donna just knew they would fit In so perfectly and we love them."

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